Retro style accommodation

Located in the heart of Bright, North East Victoria, Australia. This cute little weatherboard holiday house has been fully restored and styled respecting the era of the home.

Just a touch of retro!

Dog friendly, cycle friendly accommodation

Close to walking and cycling tracks.

Much more than a place to lay your head

It’s an experience!

bespoke holiday house

This little house has come on quite a journey….

Built originally by the Birmingham family in 1941 as a family home, they did an extention in the late 50’s which included the pink bath and sink you now see re-purposed in the current house.

This and the other houses either side where built around the same time and the rear yards of the properties where paddocks through to the original Bright Brewery on Mountbatten Avenue.  The towns original Bright Dairy was also close by.

The house had an extension some years ago by previous owners but still was missing its full potential. Many locals noted they had not noticed it was there until we began to bring it to life.

Our plan when restoring this property was to remain respectful to the original building.

This was more than a renovation, we saw it as a restoration!

Any 90’s fixtures from the last renovation where removed or replaced. All the original windows, doors, cornice, picture rails, ceiling roses etc where all restored and where pieces where missing we included reproductions of items from the era to create a seamless flow from old to new.

After great planning and hard work the house was finally completed in May 2014.

Your Hosts Nina & John

interior design

The interior has a light and airy feel to it with some lively and fresh colours. The 3 bedrooms have a stunning blue contrasted by crisp black and white.

Unique to Bespoke is the use of original artwork and a few vintage photos provide that retro feel. Some of the artwork is available for purchase during your stay.

The furniture is a combination of lovingly restored pieces and new modern reproductions, the new items where carefully chosen, making sure that they fit in with the era of the house.

The interior spaces are all well thought out to attract light and create space, and decoration through colour choices, artwork, wallpaper, furniture and accessories to bring it all to life.

exterior design

Bespoke is a fully restored weatherboard house in Bright’s famous Delany Avenue.

The exterior paint colour scheme has gone against the traditional cream, burgundy and green which has been popular in the area for some time and after a great deal of research on weatherboard houses from the 40’s & 50’s a beautiful grey was chosen for the walls with a crisp white to accent windows and frames.

You will be greeted with a restored iron screen door and a retro pink front door to enter and begin your experience.

French doors at the rear let in the light to the open plan living area and the deck with it’s 1950’s style custom made iron railing is the prefect place to sit in the morning sun.

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Bespoke Holiday House

17 Delany Avenue
Bright Victoria 3741

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